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On this page, we accept inquiries on our website in general and other items. Check the following items and click the “Inquiry Form” button before making an inquiry.

About the Company

For basic information concerning the company, please see Corporate Information.

About the Products

For the basic information concerning the products, please see Product Information.

Details on Products

Primearth EV Energy does not accept information, proposals, ideas,concepts, suggestions or materials with regard to new business transactions.
Please note that we are an OEM (original equipment manufacturing) company, and we do not sell the products directly to general customers.
We would not provide specific information about our products to any third parties through this inquiry form.
You may contact to the dealer, distributor or Customer Service Department of the automobile manufacturer for product information.

Purchasing of Product

We are an OEM company, and we do not sell the products directly to customers. For purchasing of cars, etc., in which our products are mounted, please contact the dealer or distributor, or Customer Service Desk of the automobile manufacturer.

Information from Various Vendors

On this website, we do not accept any information such as new business transaction from various vendors.

About Reply

Please note that we may not be able to respond to all inquiries received, due to the volume of inquiries and/ or the nature of the content thereof.
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