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Environment Policy

We are working on the businesses based on the following environment policy.

Basic Philosophy

To ensure continued activities while living with all creation on the beautiful earth, we human beings must make sustained efforts toward the formation of a sustainable recycling society. We supply our products widely to the world through the EV battery business, strive for maintaining and improving the global environment, and create the new future, thereby aiming to be a company loved by people in the society.

Action Policy

  1. 1.We will practice the environment preservation/improvement activities in an effective and continuous manner by promoting the environment management system conforming to ISO 14001 and executing adequate evaluations and reviews thereof.
  2. 2.We will abide by the related laws, agreements, regulations and related requirements, and further set up self-imposed regulations as required, thereby improving the environment preservation in terms of quality.
  3. 3.We will work on the development of technologies towards zero emissions, including reduction in CO2 and waste, reuse and recycling of parts, etc., thereby realizing both of the environmental and the economic aspects at the same time.
  4. 4.We will correctly understand the impacts of the raw materials, parts, and substances that will be used in the products or will be used in the course of the business activities on the environment, thereby pouring our efforts into monitoring and prevention of environmental contamination.
  5. 5.We will execute the environment education for all employees, thereby raising their awareness and responsibility on the environment.
  6. 6.We will execute the environment preservation activities that are visible within and from outside the company.