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Battery Module NP2.5 Nickel Metal-Hydride (Ni-MH) Battery for HEV

By using the technology of Battery Module NP2 as the foundation, we succeeded in drastic improvement in the cooling performance and the down-size of battery by adopting the metallic battery case and the new power collection structure, thereby enabling flexible adoption to various types of cars.


  • - Development of the new safety valve reduced the cell height by about 10% (compared to our conventional cells).
  • - Adoption of the metal case reduced the cubic volume by about 14% and improved cooling performance by about 40% (compared to our conventional module).
  • - Adoption of the battery module reduced the cubic volume by about 26% (compared to our conventional battery pack).
  • - Combination of the built-in metal prismatic unit cells enables module compositions having different cells such as 6-cell module, 8-cell module, etc.

Characteristics of Ni-MH Battery for HEV

Example of Output Characteristics Example of Lifetime Characteristics

Major Specifications

Product Name Battery Module NP2.5
Nominal Voltage 9.6V
Nominal Capacity 6.5Ah
Output 1800W
Energy Density 41Wh/kg
Weight 1510g
Outer Dimensions (mm) 18.4(W)×96(H)×382(L)